Friday, April 30, 2010

Today is THE day..

Friends, to know me is to know that I believe in fate; there are no coincidences in life. Everything is planned way ahead of time. Before we are even born, really. So, what does that have to do with the creation of this blog? Everything.

For some time now, those closest to me have heard me say that I'm going to write a book. THE book. As the benevolent deity, Oprah Winfrey says, we all have a story; We all have a tale to tell, and at the ripe young age of 40, I've lived many lives. I've been a daughter, a sister, a sexual abuse survivor, a student, an employee, a world traveler, a liar, a thief, a schemer, an alcoholic, a raving drug addict, an inmate, a spouse, a mommy to the best Pug in the whole wide world, ad infinitum. No, these things don't define me, but they make me who I am today: a work in progress.

So again, why this blog? I never really fancied myself the great raconteur. Okay, maybe a little. See, being the good addict that I am, I am what we call in the rooms of AA an egomaniac with an inferiority complex: I think everyone in the world should hear what I have to say, but at the same time don't understand why anyone would. Now, with the advent of FaceBook, I've been able to say what's "on my mind", but I need to keep it short and simple. Lest I be cut off in mid thought.
So, is it fate that after my recent post on FaceBook about my missing the Arizona desert and my mothers run-in with a saguaro cactus needle I'm told by two people in the space of two hours that I really should be "blogging" instead of posting long-winded musings on FaceBook? Yes. I've been meaning to do this for some time, but I'm lazy. There's way too much "good" tv on during the day and the hours just get away from me way too fast. But, I have a lot of things on my mind and quite frankly...I can talk up a storm.

So, here I am for the world to see. I am now, for all intent and purpose, an open book. So...............what now?