Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do You Know Me? I Am SO Famous!!!!!

Well, Andy was right, I'm in the midst of my 15 seconds of fame. What was to be 15 minutes was whittled down to a sound bite in the middle of a report on something that had nothing to do with what I was interviewed about...but that's ok! I'll take it.

It started with a text at around 6:40pm from a friend that read, "did I just see you on tv playing with your dog?". Turns out, yours truly made the 6:30pm slot on ABC Nightly News with none other than Diane Sawyer!! Who'da thunk it!? An audience of 9 million people have seen my face and it was for something good!!

All day, my phone rang, I received numerous text messages and emails from well wishers, and I actually had to leave a meeting earlier than I'd like to because I was a bit of a distraction.

It's funny, when you get a little bit of attention on a national level your mind goes to "funny" places: what if people see me on the street and think, "there's that junkie from the news the other day". What if they try to kidnap Elvis?

When I was a child, my dream was to be an actress. Then that transformed into wanting to get into obstetrics (don't ask). Then the world caught up with me and I had to "get real" so...I studied the arts of China. Why? I couldn't tell you....

I know this post is extremely fragmented and doesn't flow like my others but that's where my mind is. Right now I don't have any charming anectdotes to tell you. I just want to

I've made a name for myself in the recovery circuit in my area and that's the kind of fame I like. I'm not cut out to be Cher; I prefer to be behind the scenes with a pad and a pencil, or in this case...a finger and an iPad, and write. That's what I do. all the 8 to 9 million people who saw me on the idiot box last night..........BUY MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (when it comes out),