Thursday, February 17, 2011

No, I'm not dead.......yet!

Hey gang, it's me....Carolyn!!
I know it's been awhile and believe me, I've been living this thing called life (you know that stuff that happens in-between sleep and well, sleep, I guess) and reeling in the experiences that I've been bursting at the seems of my Levis to share with you!!! All good stuff....even the not so great stuff is good, and truth be told, I haven't had anything bad happen since last we spoke.
So, do me a solid.....if you're new to my Facebook page and, really even if you're not, reread my blog postings and feed my ego. Tell me that I'm witty and brave and that you CAN'T wait to hear more of what I have to say because I'm just THAT damn amusing!!
Ever since my Carpal Tunnel surgery in 2008, I've been taking full advantage of the fact I can write manually so, I have notebooks and notebooks and pads and scraps of papers with all my experiences that need to be fine tuned and put out for the world to see!
I have NO choice but to get published. See, I want my hands and neck tattooed but I won't do that until I become the female David Sedaris.
So, if Snooki can get a book deal........I can't so, right now all I have is this.

Thank everyone and if you're reading this, I love and appreciate you.

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